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  • “If you look for a different outcome,

    don’t do always the same thing”.
    Albert Einstein.

Who We Are

Atlas Forwarding Mediterráneo is a leading freight forwarding company in the Southeast of Spain.

The company was established in 2013, after the reorganization and consolidation of the business activities of its shareholders, two important groups within the maritime sector, Erhardt and Marmedsa Noatum Maritime, which is why the company has a strong professional background in this area, as a result of more than 20 years of activity in the shipping, logistics and customs sector.

We provide FLEXIBILITY, CREATIVITY and SOLVENCY within the wide range of logistics services we offer, with a local-action philosophy, along with a global vision gained from our shareholders and our network of agents all around the world.

A team of highly qualified people constitutes the core of our company. We have a team of dynamic and young collaborators, with great preparation and professionalism that fits perfectly our business philosophy of offering the best coverage, competitive and high quality transport or logistic solutions to meet the needs of enterprises from all sorts of industries or sectors.

Mission, Vision, Values


Providing comprehensive high quality and competitive logistics services to exporters and importers who perform their business operations to/from the Southeast of Spain, thus contributing to the economic development of the Spanish Levant and Eastern Andalusia.

Our Customer Needs

Meeting the needs of our customers through sustainable, effective, competitive and innovative services, and meeting their expectations regarding safety, quality, competitiveness, proximity, technology, financial stability and corporate social responsibility, thus becoming a strategic partner for our customers.


Generating a profitable and dynamic growth in the long term, by creating the highest value for our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.


Being the leading company in the logistics services field in the Southeast of Spain, by creating the possibility for our customers to reach new continents, promoting and making easier their import and export operations.


All of this with a well-defined customer orientation from our staff, based on the training, motivation, compromise and implication of our human team.


In all the areas of each service we provide.


Continuing innovation of our services and work methods to benefit our customers.


Effective and on-going, amongst all the members taking part in the company, as well as with our customers and suppliers.


In the fact that we will perform our job in the best possible way, in order to meet the needs of each of our customers.


With our customers, with the society, and with our employees.


In the performance of our relationships with our customers, suppliers and managers.


In the development and provision of our services.

Atlas Forwarding Mediterráneo in figures


Mt of hazardous goods transported by sea containers during 2015


Mt of refrigerated / frozen goods transported by sea containers during 2015


TEUs loaded during 2015


Land dispatches loaded during 2015


Mt of land dispatches loaded during 2015


Customs dispatches and procedures


Spanish ports where we operated during 2015


Shipping companies / airlines / carriers with whom we carried out loads during 2015


Suppliers / service agents with whom we have collaborated during 2015

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