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  • “None of us is so good alone

    as we all are together”
    Ray Kroc.

Our team

At Atlas Forwarding Mediterráneo, the most valuable resources we have are our collaborators. Our future depends on the quality of their job and their motivation.

Our company has reached a leadership position in maritime, port and logistics services due to each and every employee that compose it. Therefore, competence development, skills training and opportunity management are crucial in our people management practices. We strive to achieve forming a highly qualified human team, committed to our values and goals, that can grow personally and professionally.


Our Internship Programs

Curricular Internships Higher Education Training Cycle

Since many years, we have agreements with Higher Education Institutions from Cartagena to perform curricular internships of training cycles in Foreign Trade, Transportation, Marketing and Workplace Risk Prevention.

Non-labor paid Internships

We also have a program of Non-labor paid Internships for young people between 18 and 25 years old without previous work experience in the area and with an official degree, from professional certificates to university education, related to Foreign Trade, Transportation and Marketing.

Labor paid Internships

For those interns of the Non-labor paid Internships program who demonstrated an outstanding performance during their stay in our company, we offer a Labor paid Internship Program.

Job Opportunities

One of the basic pillars of the Erhardt Mediterráneo Group is to achieve a work environment that maximizes the professional and human growth of each and every person in the organization, in a pleasant atmosphere with equal opportunities, in which team work is the main instrument to permanently improve our services.
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