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Atlas Forwarding Mediterraneo offers an insurance for damages and/or loss of goods during the whole transportation under ICC “A” conditions at a very competitive premiums, we also advise on the most optimal transport insurance service, depending on the means of transport used by our customer, the destination / origin country, and the characteristics of the goods, always with the aim of minimizing the possible damages that could be caused by transport, we also advise on the optimum type of packaging and stowage process.

We work with the best insurance companies to guarantee the access for our customers to the best transportation insurance policies in the market both for dry cargo and for refrigerated cargo.

Our insurance offers coverage for your goods during the transport from and to most of the countries all over the world; however, for shipments to certain countries it is necessary to have a previous authorization of the insurance company. For further information on which countries need previous authorization, please contact us.


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